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The British love DIY, especially when it relates to a new home or garden renovations. Each year at Easter and bank holidays the DIY stores are crammed full, with those looking to improve their homes.

But is doing it your self over employing a tradesman that much cheaper, do we really know the true cost? Let’s look at some arguments against DIY first.

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A Tradesmen Will Do It Right First Time

If you are doing the job day in and day out, chances are you will get that project done quicker and cheaper. Tradesman do not have the time to revisit the job, they need to do it right first time, so in terms of upheaval in the home, there are clear benefits. The ability to still earn while work is happening on your home is also key. No taking days off or losing clients.
Each tradesman’s reputation is based on the quality of the project and any return is money lost, so expect a good job, so that you can recommend them to the next client.

The Cost Of Tools

It is not a secret that DIY stores do very well I the sale of power tools and accessories and specialist tools for the job. Even painting a room, you should expect to pay another £30 on top of materials to cover new brushes, rollers, scrapers, methylated spirts, masking tape etc and stuff required to the job. Any major building work or gardening projects may require larger tools, that may only be used the once. 

Disposing Of Rubbish Etc

A trip down to the tip could take several hours, loading and unloading plus fuel costs and cleaning of your car, not ignoring any potential damage that could be done. If it is a large job, then ship hire etc would be part of the tradesman’s contract.

What You Are Paying A Tradesman For?

  • Their Experience earned sometimes over years and years of practice.
  • Professional Tools, sometimes worth many thousands of pounds.
  • Tool accessories, drill bits, sandpaper, hard hats, gloves etc.
  • Ability to do the job quicker, saving time off work, heating bills etc.
  • Removing rubbish from site. NO fuel or trips to tip to dispose.
  • Fuel costs to pick up materials, you save on fuel and vehicle usage.
  • Guarantee of work, if anything goes wrong it will be fixed.

But I Like Doing DIY

If DIY is your passion and you love the process and leaning involved than this is a good reason not to employ anyone and attempt the project yourself. It is true that a day in the garden, especially if the weather is good this can be a remedy for all life stress and strains.
Of course, the purchase of power tools for several projects can be cost effective and the more you do, the quicker and better the work becomes.

Let’s not forget the pride you can have looking at a finished project and maybe even more so if you can show it off to other family members or neighbours.

Employ A Trades Person or Do It Yourself?

The answer really lies with the enjoyment of DIY. If DIY is a hindrance and you need to buy the tools etc, it may be better to employ and at least get a quote so you can compare options. Having enough time is also critical, pointless starting work on the garden if it can’t be finished in time to enjoy the summer in it.

But if you have the time and enjoy learning and want the pride of doing it yourself, then go for it.

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