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Reduce the heating bill in your home at the same time helping the environment. When not being used feed the national grid with power.

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Why the Plans for Your Dream Home Need to Include Solar Panels

None of us are strangers to the knowledge that solar panels are an incredibly effective alternative to harmful finite energy sources. 

In the last decade, solar panel use has increased by an astonishingly beneficial amount, and now entire cities are powered by harnessing the potential energy of daylight.
But, installing solar panels on your home is an entirely different story. Individuals have many concerns about domestic solar panels, including the not so little dilemma that it may be a time consuming, expensive, and potentially insignificant change. Do you save far more than you have to shell out on installation costs? And can it really make a difference to global warming as a whole?
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How You Will Benefit From Financial Savings Thanks to Solar Panels:

While the overall benefit of domestic solar panels on use of non-renewable energy sources may be minute, it does still exist. However, until a good few homes implement them, their full potential won’t be achieved. So, for the moment, it’s worth focusing on the individual benefits of installing solar panels on your dream home.

Like, for example, saving between £100 - £400 on your annual energy costs, and with the installation of a SEG Smart Meter, having the opportunity to make money by selling your surplus energy back to the local grid. Of course, how much money you save will be dependent on how much energy you are using, and will also be affected by your geographical position in the country - homes in the south see far higher savings thanks to solar panels, and southern facing roofs also work best.

However, on top of a regular drop in your energy bills, as a solar panel user you’ll also benefit from maintenance costs far cheaper than your standard energy sources. While boilers and other central heating systems can suffer from regular and expensive mechanical breakdowns, solar panels have minimal parts, so are much less likely to stop working. Apart from this security, and peace of mind, your bank account will thank you too, as you’ll only need to pay around £30 twice a year for your panels to be cleaned (or you can do it yourself for free, here’s a handy guide), and replace the inverter every 5-10 years.

Why You Don’t have to Compromise the Exterior of Your Home for the Benefit of the Environment:

Another concern for those looking to potentially make the transition to solar energy, and a very valid one, is the aesthetic capabilities (or lack thereof) of the panels themselves. While for most, the knowledge that you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment, and have the savings to prove it, is enough, it still doesn’t mitigate the fact that solar panels aren't the prettiest of inventions.

But, in our modern world, you really can’t let this discourage you, not when there are countless ‘solar systems’ out there created to produce maximum energy and look impeccable while doing it. From sleek black panels with no wires that are a complement to any modern exterior, to quirky coloured panels that look chic on top of more period buildings, there are countless options to quell your worries about the way your solar panels will look.


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