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Are You Ready For  A New Garage Conversion?

When you need more space, that unused garage can be the solution to add another room to your home. 

There can be be many stages to implementing a garage conversion, to simple internal panelling, to a more comprehensive build project. Many skills could be required from electrical, plumbing, roofing, plastering and of course the structure build work.

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Why Your Dream Home Deserves an Incredible Garage Conversion

Housing market uncertainty, coupled with the vast increase in time spent at home in the last year, means it's no surprise that thousands of home-owners have taken the initiative in 2020 to convert their garage into a whole new space of opportunity, and received a myriad of other benefits as well.
Thankfully, this trend doesn’t look like it’s heading anywhere in 2021, but there are countless un-seen pros to converting your garage that you may not have considered, and will certainly have far reaching improvements to your home and quality of life overall, long after the trend has wained.
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Think Of The Extra Space

Converting your garage, whether it’s spick and span, or filled to the brim, will give you an opportunity to maximise the creation of space for all manner of things, and have a good old fashioned clear out. From storage, to extra living spaces, a garage provides ample opportunity for you to take advantage of a brand new and impeccably stylish area, with none of the hassle of building an extension.

Cost Effectiveness, Against Moving Home

Believe it or not, converting your garage into another room for your home can be an incredibly stable investment. While adding an extension to your home, further stories, or even a conservatory can rack up the bills before your eyes, converting your garage will be relatively inexpensive, since it’s already pre-built and connected to your home, usually with the electrics too. This means all you have to do is work out how you’ll connect the garage to your existing rooms, through knocking through the wall, or adding another door, and decorate the interior.

A Garage Conversions Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Having said all that, it’s estimated that converting your garage can add up to 10% further value to your home or property, and thanks to low costs for conversion, this means that after you’ve made the most of your new conversion, when it comes time to sell your house, you can reap the financial benefits on top when receiving a higher return for your home.

Your Tailor Made Space

Of course, since it’s your garage you’re converting, you can incorporate whatever style and elements you desire. Your imagination is the only limit, and the capabilities of a garage conversion when it comes to room types are endless. Go for a room that most people usually won’t have access to in their homes, such as a gym, or an art studio, or perhaps you want to go down the more practical route and convert your garage into a guest bedroom for relatives, or sleepovers. It really is completely up to you.

Easy - Peasy Conversion (in most cases)

Oh, did we mention that since your garage is an established part of your home, you won’t even need to get planning permission to alter your garages interior, and connect it to your home through the removal of an inside wall. On top of this, it won’t affect your council tax band in the slightest, so there really are no negatives.


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