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Professional Loft Conversions

Use your loft space to create an extra bedroom, office or even bathroom. Your bespoke or personal designs can be delivered by professional loft conversion specialists.

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The Unexpected Benefits of a Loft Conversion

When imagining our perfect, dream homes, a loft conversion may not be the first thing our minds envision. But when we come across a house that has one, it’s an immediate attraction. 

Whether it be charming exposed roof beams, or buckets of natural light from skylight windows, there truly is nothing like a using that spare space upstairs to create a new room or living space.
Well, good news, loft conversions are entirely possible for any homeowner with a suitable attic space, and it’s the perfect alternative to upsizing. It is one of the most sought after alterations to a home, and can add (literally) a whole new level to your property’s interior.
There are several benefits to converting your home’s attic space, but here are just a few of the great reasons you should at least consider to undertake a loft conversion project.
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Energy Efficiency Benefits

Surely there’s no way that adding another room to your house can leave your energy usage untouched. But, an attic conversion may surprise you with the range of energy saving benefits it can provide your home. Since the room lies under the roof of your house but above other living space, if you’re incorporating skylights (Vellux Windows)you will have access to natural sunlight  during the daytime, probably more than light through a side window.

On top of this, since the loft is at the highest point of your house, it will get all the heat that rises from downstairs, meaning with good insulation in your roof, you’ll need very little help from central heating to keep you warm.
Definitive Guide To Loft Conversions

Maybe Easier Than You Think To Convert

The loft, of course, is already a room in your house, even before conversion. This means that in most cases you will need zero planning permission to make any interior alterations, so it may be easier than a typical extension.. 

But it makes sense to only employ a tradesman that has the skills and experience to deliver your project, with the minimum of fuss and stress.

So Many Styles

Whether you want to incorporate your new loft conversion into the interior style of your home, or go for something completely different in order to have a brand new room, or much needed change to revitalise your home, once you’ve got your space cleared out you can really start to dream up how you want your new room to look.

Yet another benefit to a loft conversion is that they have become so popular in recent years, there’s not really much that you can’t do in terms of interior design, so get thinking about any fixtures and fittings you’d love to incorporate into the conversion.
There are Mansard Designs. Vellux Designs, Hip to Gable Designs and more.

Create Extra Living Space

The most common use is, of course, as another bedroom, but who says you should do what everyone else is doing? why not a kitchen, office or music room, man cave?
There may be benefits of sound and being a it more private than a typical room in your home. All this can be easier than moving home, getting more space, and a room with a view. has never been easier than converting your loft space.

What Is The Cost Of  A Loft Conversion?

Cleary the cost comes down to the design and features the client wants from their loft conversion, in most cases this will be unique and personal to them. But the things that need factoring in are structure work, electric work, windows, loft hatches, door, flooring, insulation, plaster board etc.

The client would decide what work if any they may choose to do themselves. For example the final decorating, or adding and choosing door handles, laminate flooring, adding window blinds. Making sure what is included in any quote is very important, obviously costs can be reduced the more the client choose to do themselves.

The type or living space will also have an impact on cost. If for example a bathroom, or shower room was to be built, then plumbing and electrical work would need to be factored in. To get extra height or width, extra stucture work may have to be done.

Getting quotes from several tradesmen, with and without extras is the solution to understanding the complete cost of the project.
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