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Making sure you have the suitable plan for electrics fitted, prior to any loft conversion, is normally a good idea, so that wires can be fitted appropriately to the correct areas and the correct sockets added later etc. It goes without saying that some sort of planning needs to be done in the first instance, based on what the loft is going to converted too.





electrician checking ceiling


  • What are the electrics for, i.e. lights, external fans, heaters, TVs etc.
  • What sort of fittings are required and wire, fuse boxes etc.




Obviously it make sense to get in a professional electrician to do this, the consequences of a fire are too horrific to think, not to mention resale value of the home.


Whether you plan to use the conversion as a bedroom, washroom, workplace, lounge or living area, you’re going to need power for multiple tools– e.g. lights, smoke alarm, plug sockets, razor factors, Televisions and also computers– so it’s essential that it’s wired effectively.


There are some elements of loft-conversion tasks that are appropriate for you to do it yourself work (e.g. paint as well as designing), yet electrical wiring should always be performed by a Part P-registered electrician– in line with the electrical guidelines that were presented to the Building Regulations by the government in 2005. An expert must perform a website inspection to analyse the number of rooms in the loft, and its electrical needs.


What Is The Condition Of Your Existing Wiring?


The wiring in your home is all linked, so the first thing the electrician will certainly examine is that your house’s existing electrics are operating safely, effectively and in line with Part P. If your electrical wiring runs out date, after that the electrician may recommend a rewire before they can focus on your loft space conversion.


After that, they can safely extend the ring circuit and add plug sockets and also light buttons, and also style as well as set up extension illumination ideas if you want.


Once your loft space conversion has been wired, the electrical contractor will contact your local building-control authority to ensure that it can evaluate the work in line with Part P. If every little thing is in order, you will then receive an Electric Installation Certificate that validates the job meets the UK nationwide criterion, BS 7671, as well as a Building Regulations Compliance Certification. Just recently we dealt with the electrics for a loft space conversion in Godalming and the circuitry for the entire residence was transformed to satisfy current laws.


Connection To Fusebox, Meters Etc


Remember it is not just the wiring within the loft that matters, it is how it is connected to the 240v mains circuit also and how do you switch it off in a emergency or for maintenance. 


So there maybe 2 parts to an electricians project. The first to fix wiring and and to fix through walls etc. And the second to wire up sockets etc, when walls and floors are fitted.




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