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Welcome To FirQuote

Firquote helps bring those wanting a quote on certain home improvement and maybe business property type projects together with professional trades people. This can be local firms or self employed professionals who will visit your home and give a price based on your vision and expectations.

Quotes from Professional Tradesmen

No-one wants un qualified bob a job type handymen to turn up for a professional job. So only tradesmen with the right skills and ability will give a price for your project. It is important that all factors of the project are taking into account , from planning permission, to safety, skips, rubbish removal etc.

Local and UK National Firms

All quotes (up to three) can be from local firms or National companies who cover your area. There is no obligation on your part to employ anyone, but these prices and site visits will help you make a judgement on who the right trades person is for your project and what price you want to pay.

What Trades Can We Help With?

Below is a list of trades that we can help you get a quote for-

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double glazing
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What Home Improvement Project?

Within the large home improvements projects above there are other smaller jobs that can be done within the same quotation process.

Loft Flooring 
Garage Wall Construction
Garage Double Glazing 
Loft Double Glazing
Garage Flooring
Bathroom Extension
Small Kitchen Extension
Garage Extension
Office Creation
Man Cave Creation
Garden Solar Panel
Build Over Garage
Kitchen Dissemble
Garage Dissemble
Loft Staircase
Installing Full Staircase
Bespoke Building Work 
"Out House" Central Heating 


We help provide quotes for many building and home improvement type services.
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