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Why Do I Need a Completion Certificate For Building Work?

Why does having a completion certificate for those types of construction work in your home so important? This is why...

LABC wrote an informative article on why a Building Corticate is important, you can read the full article here. Below is our interpretation of that information.

Building Certificates

A Completion Certificate Ensures That Construction Work is Safe and Legal

When construction work is reviewed by suitably qualified building control surveyors and a completion certificate is given at the end, it ensures that the work has met with the building codes to the best of the surveyor's knowledge. When building control surveyors inspect the house, they'll look for items like these (which will differ and be decided upon in advance depending on the project):

  • foundations
  • ground and floors
  • roof structure
  • structural stability
  • thermal insulation
  • ventilation
  • fire protection
  • damp proofing
  • drainage

Please keep in mind that they can only visit the platform on occasion (when asked by you or your builder) and will not be able to see anything. They will review the job at pre-determined intervals to ensure that it continues to adhere, and will only issue a completion certificate if no violations are discovered during the final inspection.

Without A Certificate, Additional Work May Be Expensive

If the council finds that construction work on your property does not comply with building laws, they will take legal action against you within 12 months of the completion date. This will necessitate modifications or even the removal of the work, resulting in a great deal of disturbance, annoyance, and expense. If you fail to take the appropriate steps, the city government has the authority to complete the job and reclaim the expenses from you as the land owner.

Buildings That Do Not Have A Building Certificate May Be Worth Less

A home that has undergone significant renovations without obtaining building regulations approval may sell for less. Since there is an element of doubt and less assurances that the construction work is secure and meets the requirements set out in the building regulations, the lack of a completion certificate will discourage customers.

Searches For Completion Certificates Appear In Local Government Records

Conveyancing solicitors or mortgage brokers perform local government searches, also known as local property searches, which are an important aspect of the home buying and sale process. If you're selling your home, buyers can use the details uncovered in these searches, such as missing completion certificates, to renegotiate your bid. This might cause a deal to fall apart, which is the last thing you need at this stage.

The Specifics May Be Needed By Mortgage Lenders

If you want to get a mortgage to purchase a house, you'll have to tell your landlord if the house has had any work done that needs construction regulations approval. If there isn't a completion stamp, the mortgage lender faces a chance, and they'll almost certainly need insurance to cover themselves.

Mortgage applications

Without a Completion Certificate, There May Be Insurance Issues

It's vital to keep in mind that if you don't have a completion certificate for modifications to the home, your insurance provider will fail to pay out, leaving you to foot the bill.

Overall, getting a certificate of completion is a success. As a home buyer, seeing home renovation projects followed by a completion certificate gives you peace of mind that the work was completed in accordance with building codes.

When it comes to selling your house, having completed construction work with a completion certificate will make the process go more smoothly, helping you to move forward and start a new life!

Final Advice

It is recommended that you keep your completion certificate in a secure position until it has been given to you (possibly with the deeds of your property). This is because, if and when you decide to sell your home, you will be asked whether you have made any changes to it, and if so, if you have a construction certificate to show that they were completed in compliance with Building Regulations.

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