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Double Glazing - UPVC Windows 

Not only can UPVC windows improve the look and value of your home, they also have great double glazing properties that keeps the warmth in and cold outside. 

Making your home quieter is also another benefit, the right double glazing can keep unwanted outside noise outside, and make your living space quieter.

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Why You May Need to Install Double Glazing in Your Home

Finding its feet in the 70s and really booming during the 80s, double glazing is now the standard for any new homes that are built in the UK. 

To comply with Building Regulations and maximise light and ventilation, every home built since 2002 has benefitted from double glazed windows.
However, there are still many homes nationwide that have never seen the improvements that come with the installation of brand new double glazing. Not to mention, the lifespan of a typical double glazed window is 20 years, which means even if you already have double glazing, you’ll need to replace any windows in your home in order to get their full potential again.
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Because double glazed windows are so widely used, a lot of us may not be aware of the full range of benefits that they can provide when installed into a home, so below are just a few.

Lower Energy Costs With Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing is so named because it utilises two layers of glass that trap air in between them, which is a great help when it comes to properties that are slightly draughty or need some help with insulation. If you’re already living in a property that doesn’t have double glazing, once it’s installed you’ll see a definite decrease in the price of your energy bills, as you’ll be using much less to heat your property.

Aesthetic Options, uPVC Can Look Great

If you’re shying away from installing double glazing because your house’s beautiful or timeless façade might be compromised by garishly white and modern uPVC, you need not worry. There will be absolutely no difference in appearance of the glass after the installation of double glazing, and there are now a variety of glazing frames available, including classic wood, so you can incorporate your new windows into any exterior.

Alternatively, if you feel your home needs an update, then double glazing can help drastically modernise the face of your home. Not to mention, if you have rotting frames that are in desperate need of a reboot, then double glazing can help kill two birds with one stone, beautify your home, and keep your window glass in tip top condition.

Reduced Pollution, Increased Security

Double glazing will also help significantly when it comes to noise pollution. The addition of the second pane of glass, while assisting with insulation, will also drastically dampen loud noises outside, and help add to a peaceful and stress free interior atmosphere, and a definite good nights sleep.

Thanks to the seal that comes with double glazing, which works to stop the heat transfer, it also means that condensation won’t form on your windows, so you get to make the most of the view, and the natural light in your home.

Non double glazed windows porous material means they can absorb everything from dirt and ice, to smoke from your cars exhaust, and can become brittle and cracked surprisingly easily. Double glazing is immune to this, and your windows can be wiped down efficiently with your usual cleaner of choice, and keep you safe and secure.

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It doesn’t matter how tempting an advertised deal may look, it will not be until the double glazing company visits your home and gives a firm quote, will you know the true actual cost of fitting your windows.
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There is no coincidence that the demand for uPVC windows is still very high, and more competitive in recent years, good news for the consumer.
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