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Benefits of Installing a New Central Heating System

Apart from lowering your heating bills, keeping you and your family warm, what else can a new central heating system offer?

Remove the inefficiencies of an old system and replace with a new and modern one.

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A New Central Heating System Can Revitalise Your Home

An old system seems to be good at making the money disappear from our pockets, and not too much else. It’s estimated that your boiler is responsible for 60% of household bills, and if it’s working in tip top condition, you’ll definitely see the bang for your buck.

However, this is rarely the case, and decades of use, topped off with a radiator system that employs all manner of space heaters, single, double, and column radiators, means your home definitely may not be benefitting from its current heating system, and neither will your bank balance.

New Can Be Space Saving

If you’re still sporting a system from the previous century, chances are your boiler takes up a fair amount of space. Tucked away under the stairs, or boxed in, the presence of your boiler is probably slightly more tolerable, however this brings other hoops you’ll have to jump through like unease of access, and reduced storage/space in whichever room was unlucky enough to get lumped with the boiler.

A modern boiler and set of radiators on the other hand, will be significantly smaller than their ‘vintage’ counterpart. Choose exactly where you want the pieces to go in your home, to attract as little attention as needed and reduce cramping the style your interior spaces. The compact nature of some new boilers, means you can even attach them to a wall, or the inside of a kitchen cupboard.

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A New Heating System Is Likely To Be quieter

Sitting down with the relaxing clunking of your boiler whenever anyone wants to run a bath is a necessary evil in most homes. This noise can be especially disturbing when the boiler is in a bedroom, as is common, and can be heard through the walls and floor. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

In fact, a new boiler and radiators, thanks to their apt usage of modern materials and technology, are significantly quieter when operating. Say goodbye to clanging and thumping through the walls, with a new system, and better boiler, you can finally run the hot tap in peace.

Cheaper To Run Yet better Control

If you’re operating an inefficient boiler, you could be losing out on up to £300 a year on energy bills. While most modern boilers are awarded an A energy rating, your current system could sit anywhere between an E and a G rating, meaning your boiler is likely to be operating at 70% efficiency.

However, installing a new central heating boiler will not only be of great benefit to the temperature of your home, and provide a notable difference in the speed of receipt of warm water, or hotter radiators, especially during the all important winter months, it can also help vastly reduce your energy bill.


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